The accessibility policy below outlines how we make our site accessible to individuals with visual, auditory and/or mobility impairment. If you experience difficulties accessing our site, or would like to find out more about Dolphin please contact us direct.

What does all this mean?

Dolphin has designed its site so that it can be viewed and/or read by anyone with a auditory, visual and/or mobility impairment. This means that we have included a number of features to improve access to our site.

These features include short-cut keys, persistent navigation through the site, the ability to skip to the main content, re-sizable text, the use of descriptions with images and tables.

So how do I use these features?

Access Keys

To use our access keys or short-cuts, for Microsoft Windows PC's press 'alt' plus the corresponding letter or number. For Apple Macs you can press 'ctrl' plus the corresponding letter or number.

The following access keys are enabled on our website:


To skip to the main content on each page select 'skip navigation' in the top right hand corner either by moving your mouse or by using the tab key.


To increase the size of the text, for Windows Internet Explorer press 'alt' plus V, then press X to select the 'Text Size' menu. In the 'Text Size' Menu press the up arrow to increase the size of the text and the down arrow to decrease the size.

For Apple Safari press 'command' plus the '+' key to increase the size of the text. To decrease the size of the text press 'command' plus the '-' key.


To view a description of a picture move your mouse cursor over an image. If you use a screen reader, the information is normally read out loud automatically.