Free Advice regarding Payroll

Your legal responsibilities:


You need to register as an employer when you start employing staff.

This even applies if you only employ yourself - for example as a director of your Limited Company.

You'll need to register before your first pay date.

To register search on the internet or click here for the offical HMRC page.

Once registered you'll receive you PAYE reference number and can submit payroll information to HMRC. You're required to submit this information on or before each pay date. If you've registered as a new employer and not yet received your PAYE reference you can make a late payment submission to HMRC. Two men shaking hands

When you are about to employ someone you also need to:



These, and other, legal obligations can be not only complex but also time-consuming, especially for a first-time employer. Without working knowledge of the tax system and current employment law, you may be entering a minefield. Dolphin Payroll Services can take full responsibility for processing your payroll accurately, on time and with full compliance with current payroll legislation.

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