Our Services

We offer a fully managed payroll bureau solution allowing you to concentrate on the running of your business. We will help you through our easy set up process and then you're ready to start using the Payroll Bureau Service.

Once you and your employees are set up on our systems, you'll just let us have the gross pay details for all employees in the pay period and we will process the payroll for you. This includes sending out payslips, coin analysis reports, Bacs reports, payroll cost analysis reports and summary of PAYE/NIC Payment due - as applicable. We'll obviously file your RTI Returns when they're due - each pay period. We can also email payslips and we're even able to email password protected PDF Payslips straight to your staff. By the way, we've never missed a filing deadline for any of our clients!

Dolphin Payroll Services aim to make it simple for you. We charge a fixed monthly fee with no extra charges for leavers or new starters or for the year end work - unlike some of our competitors. We take all of the administrative strain out of running the payroll and keeping up with the constant changes in payroll legislation away from you and allow you to focus on running your business.

Here's a list of what you're get from using our service: